AthleticLIVE Timer Update

Good afternoon,

Today we are proud to announce a new addition to the AthleticLIVE suite of products: AthleticFIELD, a field results entry app for iOS, Android, and PC. In 2018-19, only 3% of meets on AthleticLIVE used a live field scoreboard, and less than 1% were high school meets. It's time to give field athletes the same instant access to results as track athletes.

Click here to watch a 4 minute overview of how AthleticFIELD works.

AthleticFIELD integrates with existing meet management systems such as HyTek and Meetpro. If you use a meet management system, chances are you can use AthleticFIELD as well.

Setup is simple:

  1. Export start lists from your meet management system
  2. Configure events (e.g. attempts, finals, heights)
  3. Officiate and show live results!

Use AthleticFIELD at meets of all sizes, from high school duals to massive invitationals. For large meets where timers have their own devices and cannot rely on internet access, AthleticFIELD can sync start lists and results over a local network. For smaller meets where officials use their own Android or iOS devices, synchronize start lists and results over the internet.

Once track returns, we hope you'll consider adding AthleticFIELD live results to your suite of services.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at

- Ben

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store
Try AthleticFIELD for Free

To test AthleticFIELD for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Download our Sample Data package, which includes pre-populated HyTek and MeetPro databases and an event configuration CSV file.
  2. Create an AthleticLIVE Meet. Everyone receiving this email has been provided with one free Professional credit so you can try out AthleticFIELD and all AthleticLIVE features for free.
  3. Setup Online Sync or Local Sync and configure your events. (I recommend Online sync for your first try. It's a little easier to set up).
  4. Load an event onto a device and Officiate the event
Officiating Events
Example usage of AthleticFIELD with ResulTV

An official's first job is to check athletes in. From the Check In screen, officials can mark an athlete as checked-in or scratched, set a starting height, and move athletes within or between flights.

The official will spend most of their time on the Officiate tab entering athlete marks. It's easy to type english or metric marks by typing numbers only (for example, in an english Long Jump, if you type 4650, the app knows you mean 4-06.50.)

Officials can add athletes by searching the PPL file or creating a new athlete.

Officials can check out athletes if they need to go to another event and can make notes about the athlete (for example, that the athlete went to the 100 or noting a pole vault standard)

Before generating a final, the app warns the official if there are ties for the final spot or if all attempts aren't finished. It gives the official the final say on who makes it to the final.

Officiate a Horizontal Event
Officiate a Vertical Event
ResulTV Scoreboards
Example usage of AthleticFIELD with ResulTV

You can send results to your ResulTV scoreboards when you use Local Sync.

AthleticFIELD works with most LSS/RSS file combinations. If you already have a scoreboard display process in place, we encourage you to try that.

Scoreboard data is not sent directly from the device to scoreboards; data is proxied through AthleticLIVE Local. This gives you the flexibility to quickly change which event appears on which scoreboard. And you don't have to set up scoreboard configurations on multiple devices. Set and manage your scoreboards in one place.

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